Forum Title: What leveler over ceramic tile?
Might have a job installing vinyl in a 7 1/2 by 19 foot room. The lady doesn't like the ceramic tile, and wants vinyl installed there. It's a dining room, with a sliding door between this room and the kitchen. Kitchen has a different ceramic tile in it. Kinda odd, but I guess it was a porch area at some other time, which explains the sliding door. The door is coming out...... by either me or her son. The tile was fit up to this sliding door and I'll need to fill in the gap between these two tiled areas once the door is removed. I'm wondering if a self leveler could be used as the initial skim coat over this tile. Because self levelers are thin and runny, I figured that it would work to do he main filling in the wide grout lines and help bridge the uneven height of some of the 12 x 12 tiles............. some tile corners stick up slightly. I figured that if a self leveler was applied by screeding with my 5 foot piece of angle aluminum, this would make a good initial fill because it flows out flat without leaving ridges. Because the kitchen tile and this dining room tile are about the same thickness, I can't raise the height much, as in making a 1/4 inch pour. I didn't have a straight edge or level with me, but I think this area is level, not sloped. One good screed with a self leveler might get the floor 95% flat in one felled swoop. Any residual high tile corners could be feathered out with a regular patch, like Webcrete or Feather Finish.
Category: Flooring Post By: Hannah Morris (Newark, NJ), 02/02/2019

We'd sand it with the heavy grit. Sweep, vacuum and damp mop, then paint the flammable contact cement down as a primer. Then you just float and skim like any other floor prep for resilient. It works.

- JOANNE GARRETT (Plano, TX), 04/16/2019

Incognito said: ...then paint the flammable contact cement down as a primer.Click to expand... Seriously? Knock down the high spots and prime with ardex p82 then skim coat.

- BOB CUMMINGS (Medford, OR), 05/10/2019

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